Clinical Counselor

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Company Name:  Sue Lonsway, M.Ed., P.C.C.
Owner: Sue Lonsway
Certification: Professional Clinical Counselor
Phone: 419-350-5116
Location: 3335 Meijer Drive, Suite 450 Toledo, OH 43617
Description:  Holistic Approach

For those who are open to it, working on your life holistically can happen simultaneously as you work on other issues and the benefits will be physical as well as mental.  A holistic approach to your treatment means that all aspects of your health are taken into account. Rather than approach your problem from one angle, it can be worked on from many angles to increase the likelihood that you will not only meet your goals for change, but improve your overall health as well. Who wouldn't like to improve their overall health? Yet, it seems to be something that gets pushed to the back burner. Some possible benefits of holistic treatment include improved concentration and sleep, more energy, reduced depression and irritability, and a reduction in health complaints.

Components of holistic treatment include:

  •     Cognative, behavorial, or experimental therapy
  •     Learning relaxation and/or stress reduction
  •     Improved nutrition
  •     Examining daily schedules, such as sleep schedules, and time for self to establish the balance you want
  •     Using exercise as an outlet for reducing stress and improving health
  •     Spiritual outlets
  •     A treatment plan specific to your unique needs
  •     Referrals to other information sources

The mind/body and body/mind connections cannot be underestimated. Those who are physically ill sometimes suffer from illness-related depression. Alternately, those who focus on negative, stress provoking, or fearful thoughts may often develop physical symptoms, such as stomach aches or insomnia.

Your beliefs are also extremely important. You will believe what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself negative thoughts, you will experience negative emotions. Negative thoughts are often unrealistic thoughts. If you tell yourself realistic thoughts, you will experience less anxiety and your life will become more manageable.